The CathouseMaze! the CatHouseMaze will help to keep you feline in good health á

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The CatHouseMaze

It's the ultimate cat toy, pet house, cat condo, cat scratch pad, and cat fur collector you'll ever find. It also hides the litter box and conveniently uses the same footprint, so it doesn't take up any additional space in your home. It makes use of vertical space in a unique and (if I do say so myself) clever way that any cat (no matter how fickle) will enjoy for hours.

It provides your cat with a hidden scratch pad that will also collect cat fur, and it can be conveniently vacuumed at your leisure. It will not only save you from the annoyance of cat's clawing the furniture, but will keep the fur from accumulating on your furniture and carpet as well.

How is this possible, you ask?

With the CatHouseMaze!!

If you have ever watched a cat, you will have noticed that they just love to explore places, and the more inaccessible, the better they like them. Anyplace they can hide that is dark and difficult to reach.... especially any place they are not likely to be found. I watched our cats crawl in spaces behind and underneath furniture (hiding from us to avoid being put outside when they did not want to go outside). It never ceased to amaze me the way they could find every nook and cranny possible, and were able to just disappear.

It's all part of the curious nature of cats. Cats and kittens love crawling up to the highest reaches just so they can look down watching us without our knowing it. If they can do so in a way that is safe and still provides them with the privacy and security they crave, then what cat-lover could refuse?

That is why I created the CatHouseMaze. It is the perfect attraction for cats because it feeds their need for adventure, security, exercise, privacy, and sense of property ownership...their own space. I know, I know, this sounds like I think cats are almost human and have many qualities like us...well, they do. Our cats exhibit all these qualities and more.

That is why the CatHouseMaze was created.


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your cats will enjoy the CathouseMaze


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